We love moving – in Berlin, Germany, Europe and all over the world

  • Moving made easy
  • Local and long-distance removals
  • Private households, companies and authorities
Large fleet for every move
Experienced and careful staff
Multiple awards with top marks

Every move is a pure pleasure for Junker

The moving company Junker in Berlin is the perfect partner for your dream of a smooth move. In addition to our many years of experience and professional relocation service, our customers particularly appreciate our friendly staff. We can do it!

Personal 5 * service
Cheap prices
Professional employees
Many services
Large fleet
Freundliche Mitarbeiter der Umzugsfirma Junker aus Berlin

Friendly staff for more fun when moving

There is always a good mood with our customer support as well as with our movers and movers. We are a team and love our work! Whether on the phone, when viewing or on the day of the move.

The special service for customers of the Junker moving company

In addition to the actual move, we are also there for you with assembly work. We assemble furniture, entire kitchens and, if required, take care of the proper and professional installation of technical infrastructure or the cabling of your IT.

Das besondere Service der Umzugsfirma Junker aus Berlin
Ausstattung der Umzugsfirma Junker aus Berlin

We attach great importance to the equipment of our vehicles

All vehicles for your move are equipped with transport and assembly aids. B .:

  • Roller boards
  • Hand trucks
  • Risers
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Tool boxes
  • Cordless screwdriver

Our fleet has the right truck for every transport

With or without a loading board wall – the weight of the load is almost irrelevant

  • 3,5 Tons
  • 7,5 tons
  • 12 Tons
  • 18 Tons
  • Various trailers
Fahrzeuge der Umzugsfirma Junker aus Berlin

The team of the moving company Junker – a real highlight in the moving industry

Our team is characterized above all by their qualifications, experience and the great motivation of each individual employee. What makes us so special is the ability to find the right solution for every problem, small or large. It is our aim to fulfill your wishes. Even if that means going an extra mile, which we are always happy to do. With this attitude, our reliability and the extraordinary commitment of each individual, we have managed to grow steadily since our foundation in 2012.


We attach great importance to flat hierarchies, transparent work processes and cooperation that is always characterized by respect. This is how we achieve that our team brings an above-average willingness to perform and satisfaction – from which you benefit every time you move. Our well-rehearsed moving crew works reliably hand in hand: From dismantling the furniture, packing your belongings, carrying your furniture to the transport, everyone does a really good job.


Our moving helpers, craftsmen and drivers know every corner of Berlin like the back of their hand. But we are also at home in all other Federal states, Europe and all over the world.

Moving company in Berlin – frequently asked questions

Moving to Berlin, Germany, Europe or internationally brings many questions with it. Here we answer the most common ones for you. If your question is not there, feel free to contact us at any time

What service do you offer as a moving company in Berlin?

As a professional moving company in Berlin, we dismantle your furniture, carefully and professionally pack your entire household and fragile goods, transport everything undamaged to the destination and, if you wish, rebuild your furnishings just as quickly. As a moving company in Berlin, we can provide you with all packaging material at low cost.

Whether moving boxes or the Junker storage box – we are happy to bring everything to your apartment so that the relaxed move can begin here. In addition, with our Full Service Moving we offer you a complete package that includes all the services for your move by a professional moving company. This also includes manual work such as painting or connecting taps, washing machines or the cabling for your IT. You can’t move more relaxed. Further services that we offer you for everything related to your move:

  • Individual and personal relocation advice
  • Virtual or personal advice on site
  • Packing service / unpacking service
  • Professional dismantling / assembly (System 180, Interlübke, USM, Hülsta etc.)
  • Construction and dismantling services
  • Moving boxes and storage box
  • Premium quality moving materials
  • Bulky waste disposal
  • Household dissolution
  • No parking zone
  • Furniture transport
  • Furniture storage
  • Self-storage
  • Furniture lift
  • Art transport
  • Additional cargo
How do I recognize a good moving company in Berlin?

When you are faced with the decision of choosing a good moving company in Berlin, you should not only pay attention to the price! Check the experience of the selected moving companies and how long they have been on the market. This factor can already provide good information about the quality of the moving company. See if you can get answers to the following questions from the moving company’s website or customer service representative:

  • How long has the moving company been in business?
  • How many moves has the company successfully carried out during this period?
  • Is the team professionally trained or are they temporary workers?

You might also check whether the moving companies are registered in the commercial register, are there official transport licenses, what other customers say in review portals about the companies you are considering for your move.

Always there for you, since
If you want a smooth move, you can rely on us – the moving helpers from Berlin who have already done a perfect job hundreds of times.
* Stand: 01.02.2021
Junker Umzüge Berlin - Umzugs-LKW auf dem Weg
Es erfolgte Besichtigung durch freundlichen und kompetenten Mitarbeiter per WhatsApp. Durchführung dann pünktlich und sorgfältig. Mit Anlieferung von benötigtem Umzugsmaterial insgesamt bestes Preis- Leistungsverhältnis unter fünf verschiedenen Anbietern.
Bestes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis | Potsdam – Potsdam
Vollkommen zufrieden waren wir mit der Abwicklung des ganzen Umzugs. Angefangen vom Angebot, der Kommunikation bis zu der Freundlichkeit und Effizienz. Perfekte Leistung. Viele Wettbewerber machten teilweise so abenteuerliche Angebote – angefangen von ausbeuterischen Niedriglöhnen, Falschschätzungen vom Umzugsvolumen. Ca 10 Besichtigungstermine waren für die Katz. Nehmt Junker direkt.
Vollkommen zufrieden | Berlin – Rheinland
Wir sind am 6.1.21 von Berlin nach Wesenberg gezogen. Alles hat wie am Schnürchen geklappt. Die Mitarbeiter waren pünktlich und total nett. Es gab keinerlei Beanstandungen und auch der Preis hatte uns positiv überrascht. Die Leute waren pünktlich gegen 8 Uhr vor Ort in Berlin und um 21 Uhr war der Umzug im 130km entfernten Wesenberg erledigt.
Rundum zufrieden | Berlin – Wesenberg
(…) Die Jungs von der Umzugsfirma haben alle professionell und schnell abgewickelt. Alle Möbelstücke wurden sauber verpackt und man ging mit ihnen so um, wie man eben mit Kundeneigentum umgehen sollte. Wir hatten vorher – auch durch allerlei Horrormeldungen aus dem Bekanntenkreis – ein wenig Angst vor dem großen Umzug. Die war aber völlig unbegründet, es lief wirklich alles reibungslos und sehr freundlich. (…)
Sehr positiv überrascht! | Berlin nach Berlin
Ich kann nur Positives berichten. Die Firma Junker wurde mir bei der Suche nach Umzugsunternehmen über Immobilienscout24 vorgeschlagen. Kurz danach meldete man sich bei mir um einen Videochat-Termin auszumachen – aufgrund von COVID19 wurde hier also darauf geachtet, nicht mehr persönlichen Kontakt als nötig zu haben. Top! (…)
Sehr professionelle Arbeit | Berlin – Bestensee
Das rundum sorglos Paket. Von der Disposition (Videobegehung, Terminplanung) bis zum eigentlichen Umzug war alles bestens. Die Mitarbeiter waren sehr sorgfältig, umsichtig und achtsam und die Termintreue top! Firma Junker kann man jederzeit empfehlen!
TOP! Alles bestens | Berlin – Stuttgart
Auszeichnung ImmobilienScout24 Umzugsportal Premium Partner 2016
Auszeichnung ImmobilienScout 24 Umzugsportal Premium Partner 2017
Auszeichnung ImmobilienScout 24 Umzugsportal Premium Partner 2018
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