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Junker- Your Professional Relocation Company in Lichtenberg

Are you on the lookout to relocate to or from Lichtenburg? Are you sweating over the hassles of packing your goods and moving to Lichtenburg? Junker, your best relocation company in Berlin, will make relocation simpler for you.

We are a client-centric and family-operated relocation company in Berlin. If you want to experience a stress-free, affordable, and safe move, our experts at Junker will assist you. Being a long-established family business with tradition, our relocation agency has already assisted users in executing a seamless move.

What sets us apart is our upfront prices and customised services. We always value good planning and organisation to ensure that our clients have access to top-notch services. At Junker, we strive to operate within your stipulated budget.

Our main objective is to offer you respite from the mundane tasks of relocations. Therefore, our packages comprise a broad range of valuable services. As the top relocation company in Lichtenberg, we offer you the greatest possible comfort and a stress-free move.

The relocation experts at Junker prioritise packing your valuable goods with utmost care and precision.

Our bespoke moving services have made us popular across Berlin and Lichtenberg.

Experts in Relocation from or to Lichtenberg

When the context is about relocation, experience is always important. Being in the moving business for a long period of time, we know what it takes to optimise the customer experience. We don’t believe that you will have to select between expert service and a great price.

Furthermore, we also comprehend the unique challenges associated with moving. With our highly customised moving services, we can make your moving experience stress-free. From free and upfront prices to the use of top-quality packing materials, we ensure that each client has access to professional service.

Our moving agency always considers your timeline and budget to help you relocate stress-free. Your items are handled with utmost care and sensitivity. We are licensed and insured to help you move across European countries.

Therefore, we strive to make your relocation experience as affordable as possible. We actively decrease your stress and challenges with upfront pricing. If you are looking for responsive and friendly services, we have you covered. Our main objective is to exceed your expectations. To get free estimates and quotes, you can always consult with us.

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    Customised packing and unpacking services
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    Relocating residences
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    Relocating large and small-scale organisations
  • Sale, rental, and repurchase of moving goods
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    Our professionals can relocate during weekends without charging extra
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    Resolutions related to the basement and apartment
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    Submitting the receipts of the social employer office, job centre, and the employer
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    Disposing of bulky wastes, garbage, and scrap metals
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    Private removals to or from Lichtenberg
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    Offering reliable cleaning-out services
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    Moving commercial goods
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    Safely transporting belongings across Europe and to other European nations
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    Moving cargo
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    Assembling and dissembling furniture pieces
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    Conducting long-distance relocations
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    Transporting furniture and other heavy items without elevators
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    Assembling and dissembling furniture pieces
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    Relocating antiques and musical instruments

We Offer Professional and Customised Relocation Services

Junker is always focussed on offering you versatile services. By opting for our services, you can complete the strenuous bureaucratic tasks related to your move. We help families and individuals settle into their new address in a hassle-free manner.

Being the best relocation company in Berlin, we strive to provide our clients with precise planning and organisation. We plan meticulously and implement the best strategies that let you move to or from Lichtenburg.

As a modern and innovative moving company in Berlin, we are adept in short and long-distance relocations. We have prior experience relocating our clients to the Netherlands, Spain, Finland, etc. reach out to us to learn more about our expertise in international relocations.

What are the Advantages of Hiring us?

One of the key advantages of selecting our relocation services is that we help with stress-free relocations. And if you are searching for a professional moving agency in Lichtenberg, we have you covered. Our experienced, skilled, and well-trained relocation experts ensure to offer you a hassle-free relocation.

We can execute your relocation to or from Lichtenberg professionally. From establishing no-parking zones around your apartment to packing your goods, we are versatile. Furthermore, we comply with the requirements of our clients and tailor our services based on their preferences. You can also consult with us for storing furniture items and other valuable goods.


We will always be Happy to Advise you on your Relocation to Berlin Lichtenberg

The trained employees at Junker pack your items in suitable packaging materials. We have a wide range of packaging materials and can properly pack your belongings to avoid damage. But before packing your goods, we will analyse their build quality.

We use different types of packing materials for various types of goods. You can always count on us to assemble and dismantle your favourite furniture items. Our in-house team of relocation experts is experts in loading the van appropriately.

At Junker, we have specialisedvans that can carry your goods seamlessly from one point to the other. We follow a thorough checklist while unloading the vans at your new address. Before unloading, we will establish no-parking zones around your new residence.

Since our inception, we have been transporting a wide range of materials as a part of the relocation process. For instance, we can easily haul and unload items like furniture, paintings, antiques, glassware, etc.

Furthermore, we offer transit insurance while relocating your belongings. And we don’t charge our customers for insurance offered while relocating. To get relevant details about transit insurance during relocation, consult with us.

What are the Expenses of Moving with Junker to or from Lichtenberg?


At Junker, we have versatile experience in relocating our clients to or from Lichtenberg. Our professional experience allows us to tackle any type of challenge that arises during the relocation process. And as we are experienced, we know that the charges of relocation can vary based on several parameters.

At Junker, we tailor services and solutions to achieve customer satisfaction. With our upfront pricing, there will be no surprises in the latter stages. While providing relocation services, we keep an eye on your stipulated budget.

And if there are any type of price surges, we will always inform you. Being a family-run company, we keep our customers in the loop. What sets us apart is our transparency while moving from one location to the other.

Consult with the Top Moving Company in Lichtenberg

At Junker, we are always eager to sort out the queries of our revered customers. By now, you might have a brief overview of the types of services we provide. To consult us, you can use the contact form on our website.

We will get back to you with the answers to your questions as soon as possible. Moreover, you can consult with us through telephone, email, or WhatsApp. We can offer you a free and customised quote based on your preferences. Our in-house team of relocation experts responds accurately to your questions. You will get precise answers to your queries. Get a no-obligation quote by consulting with us today.