Moving Berlin

Make your Relocation Simpler and Stress-Free with our Umzug Berlin Professionals

Our Umzug Berlin agency offers more than just relocation services. We offer trusted guidance and expertise that transform your moving experience. Based in Berlin, we provide a full suite of relocation services to our clients.

We can help you relocate to or from Berlin in a stress-free manner. Moving to a new address is one of the most significant decisions of your life. Selecting the right people to support you will be the key to success. Being a professional moving company, we understand the challenges of shifting to another location or country.

At Junker, we specialise in making your stressful relocation enjoyable. And we do this by offering relocation services of unrivalled quality. Each Umzüge Berlin service is designed as per the modern-day requirements of our clients.

We have a dedicated team of consultants to plan your relocation to perfection. If you are relocating to any country in Europe or across Germany, consult with us. We will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote.


Our Umzüge Berlin Services Comprise Preview and Orientation Strategies

As the top moving company in Germany, we offer preview and orientation tips. We will provide a complete orientation of your new locations and the areas to live. Always remember that there’s a big difference between visiting a place and living there.

Our dedicated team of consultants will provide the best strategies to make your moving experience seamless. At Junker, we also offer preview trips. Preview trips are customised to meet your individual needs and specific interests.

As a client-centric relocation agency, our preview trips offer insights into the new location you’re going to settle in. During these trips, we are also able to answer any queries regarding housing, communities, etc.

Trust our Skilled Relocation Experts to Plan your Residential Move


Irrespective of the location you are relocating to, trust our careful movers to shift your belongings. When the context is about relocation, our Umzug Berlin agency will be your best option. We are wellaware of the fact that each household move is different.

Therefore, we strive to offer a variety of moving resources for customisingyour relocation. We design relocation strategies based on your preferences. Moreover, our relocation packages are tailor-made to fit your budget. Here’s what you can expect from our moving agency.


  • Insurance coverage
  • Full-service alternatives
  • Quality customer service
  • Licensed bond
  • Transparent pricing
  • Insurance coverage

Relocation can be a stressful task with a fair share of surprises and cost surges. But with Junker, you can address these uncertainties adequately. Before you select us as your relocation agency, we will provide you with affordable moving quotes.

The quotes will be offered based on your moving preferences. At Junker, we are always committed to providing you with numerous moving resources. Our main objective is always to keep the stress out of the moving process. What sets our Umzüge Berlin agency apart is a full range of packing services. Prepare for your next relocation project seamlessly with Junker.

Get Diverse Household Relocation Services from Junker

Relocation can be challenging if you are doing it alone. Managing your relocation stress has always been our top priority. Furthermore, we are the only removal company in Berlin with a high referral rate. Our diverse range of moving services can comply with your relocation needs.

You will always find us ready and prepared to make your upcoming relocation project enjoyable. Our diverse range of relocation services includes the following.



Junker has a fleet of specialised trucks that ensure the overall safety of your belongings. All our moving vans boast top-notch suspension, which ensures nothing will move or shift.


You can count on our Umzug Berlin professionals to unload your items at the new address. Our dedicated team of move managers will coordinate every aspect of unloading correctly.


Our relocation company stocks a wide variety of packing supplies. We will be actively involved in the process of packing your belongings securely.


After relocating to a new address, unpacking seems to be the biggest issue. However, you can trust our professional moving agency to unpack items. Our job isn’t done until you are settled in your new home.


During the move, you will always find us to be efficient and safe. We leverage our skills and expertise to help you relocate to Europe and Germany.

Storage Solutions

Our Umzüge Berlin services also come with storage solutions. In most cases, you will feel the need to store your possessions before relocating. In those situations, our customised storage solutions will come in handy.

Being the top relocation agency in Berlin, we handle local, interstate, and international moves. Whether you want to move your home or corporate office, we have you covered. Get a no-obligation price estimate by contacting us.

Relocate Across Germany with Junker

A nationwide relocation may seem challenging. But with Junker, your relocation to any part of Germany would be seamless and easy. Seeking assistance from a client-centric moving company is essential. Junker is a qualified national mover with years of experience and skills.

Our accreditations stand out from the rest of the movers. With our moving company, you will know that your possessions are in good hands. The national moving services of Junker are backed by quality and affordability. If you fail to plan appropriately, your national relocation may fail.

Our Umzug Berlin company will provide a gratifying relocation experience. For more than a decade, we have been helping clients move across Germany successfully. Furthermore, we offer our revered clients a comprehensive moving experience at a reasonable price. And with Junker, there will be no additional fees for the weekends and last-minute relocations.

Transparent Pricing and Professional National
Relocation Services

With more than a decade of experience, our professional movers have the expertise and know-how to conduct national relocations. We can handle national relocations for families, individuals, and companies. We work hard to make sure that our customers get top-notch services at an affordable price.

You can count on our tailor-made moving plan to shift to any location in Germany. Our moving agency alsospecialises in assigning dedicated relocation consultants to customers. These relocation consultants will coordinate every phase of your national relocation to make it simple.

Despite being a locally-owned moving agency, we specialise in helping you move from one location to another. We are adequately staffed and equipped to offer you more comprehensive solutions and resources. Our wide range of national relocation services comprises the following.


  • Shipping vehicles
  • Online tracking of shipment
  • Relocating piano
  • Partial and full packing

With our exceptional services, we are the most well-rounded national moving agency you can trust for your relocation.


Meeting Your Needs and Fulfilling Your Expectations

Our Umzüge Berlin services are designed by considering your preferences. Our interactive website allows you to select the correct type of service. We take the time to do in-depth research about your moving needs.

Therefore, once you arrive in Germany, it’s all about selecting your new home and allowing us to take care of everything else. Junker is an experienced, licensed, and insured relocation company in Germany. With us, you can rest assured knowing that we are a professional long-distance moving company. We develop unique strategies for each client to ensure that they experience minimal discomfort.

Simplify your Local Relocation Requirements with Junker

As the best Umzug Berlin agency, our main objective is to make your local relocation simple. We believe that there are no small relocations in life. Moving anywhere is a big deal, irrespective of the location. Whether it’s down the street or neighbourhood, our local moving services have you covered.

Furthermore, things can quickly become complicated if you need to relocate in a single day. Therefore, staying organised is the best way to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly. And planning your relocation without any expert assistance can make things complicated.

That’s why having an experienced Umzüge agency like Junker matters for your local move. Most people typically think that local relocations are straightforward and uncomplicated. However, things can go quickly out of hand if you aren’t prepared properly.

As the top relocation agency, we move people locally every day. With our local Umzüge Berlin, we left nothing for you to worry about. We believe that the relocation needs of people tend to vary. Therefore, you will never find us initiating a cookie-cutter approach to help you relocate.

We are famous for our unparallel attention to detail. It ensures you get settled in no time. What sets us apart is our transit insurance. Your priceless belongings will be covered from start to finish. Here are some of the typical traits of our local moving services you should know.


Precision Packing Services

At Junker, we offer accurate packing services. Our experienced and skilled professionals ensure that your items are always signed and sealed.

Customised Care

Whether it is a unique antique of the finest of cookware, our goods-handling expertise is best. We deploy advanced equipment and strategies to shift your belongings locally.

Experience Minimal Disruption

Experience minimal disruption with our Umzug Berlin services. We can pack your goods and unpack them based on your preferences. Discover the ultimate joy of relocation by moving with our agency.

Customised and Door-to-Door Service

We focus on the move so that you can focus on what’s really essential. We are a user-centric company and always act like one.

Professional Relocation Team

We are the top relocation agency in Germany because of our professional relocation team. With a highly-certified crew and advanced tools, we will always get complete peace of mind.

We understand that a move is more than just changing locations. Therefore, our experts are available 24/7 to conduct a local move based on your needs.

Rely on our Interstate Relocation Services for a Seamless Experience


Rely on our interstate Umzüge Berlin and make your relocation hassle-free. Shifting from one state to another can be an arduous task as there is a change in language and culture. To make it easier for you both emotionally and mentally, you can seek our assistance.

At Junker, we simplify the complicated processes associated with shifting. Irrespective of which location in Germany you are relocating to, we have you covered. You will always find us putting our heart and soul into the complete Umzüge process.

Moreover, we take special care in packing your belongings professionally. Our interstate moving services leverage specialised vans fitted with top-notch suspension systems. These suspension systems ensure that your goods stay in proper condition.

How does our Relocation Company help with Interstate Relocations?

Our Umzug Berlin company will be actively involved with you during interstate relocations. Here are some ways in which we will help you during an interstate relocation.


We always encourage our clients to sell or donate items that they don’t need at their new address. By selling or donating, you can cut the costs of hauling them. It will also be easier for our moving agency to relocate your items to the new address.

Making an Inventory

If you are relocating with valuables and antiques, it would be great to make an inventory. We encourage our clients to make an inventory so that they can keep track of their essential items. Moreover, it would be easier for you to unpack with an inventory list after arriving at the new address.

Verify the Details

You should always verify the details of the work processes during interstate Umzüge Berlin. At Junker, we will always make sure that you have access to all the latest details. For instance, we share real-time updates if there are any sudden changes.

Here are some other strategies to consider to help you prepare for an interstate relocation.

  • Ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork ready before packing
  • Have a detailed plan easily accessible during contingencies
  • Keep track of important documents
  • Don’t forget about insurance

At Junker, we take care of all these intricacies. What sets us apart is our customised services and attention to detail. We are the top Umzug Berlin agency because of our ability to offer you with bespoke services.

Commercial Relocation Made Simpler with Junker

Besides having expertise in residential Umzug, we are highly skilled in commercial relocations. A majority of our clients trust us for our efficiencyin conducting commercial relocations seamlessly. When you select Junker for commercial moving services, you can trust that your business is back on track.

Our trained and certified commercial movers can handle every single aspect of your relocation. Backed by a decade of experience, we are sure to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Being a user-centric company, we comprehend the necessity to keep your company operations uninterrupted during the office move.

Our commercial movers will work around your regular office timings at no additional expense. We always strive hard to make sure that your business operations stay intact throughout the entire process. Junker is your best option for small and large-scale office Umzüge Berlin.

Plan a Successful Commercial Relocation with Junker

At Junker, we believe that the most successful commercial relocations are those that have been planned thoroughly. What sets us apart is our systematic approach to office relocation. During the initial stage, we will carefully analyse your requirements.

We take your unique circumstances into consideration during the phase of planning. Junker is different from other relocation agencies. This is because we don’t apply a standard approach while conducting commercial relocations.

You will always find us addressing each business as a separate entity. In this manner, you can maintain an objective approach to your commercial relocation. After a comprehensive assessment of your new and former commercial spaces, we will identify your precise requirements.

Our Umzug Berlin agency uses an effective colour-coded labelling system while packing your goods. It will help you identify all your office essentials during unpacking. The integral components of our commercial relocation services are as follows.

Commercial Storage

We are a versatile relocation company and offer storage solutions for residential and commercial moves. Most office owners invest in our commercial storage solutions to keep their goods and items properly.

Reassembly and Disassembly of Furniture Items

You can count on our professionalism for reassembling and disassembling essential furniture items. For more details, please consult with us.

End-to-End Packing Solutions

Our commercial Umzüge Berlin company excels in packing your items in specialised crates and containers. For instance, all your electronic items will be packed in shockproof containers.

Top-Notch Packing Supplies

Being a professional commercial moving agency, we pack your belongings with the best quality packing supplies. We also take care of loading and transporting your equipment and commercial goods.

Junker also possesses the experience to move your industrial goods safely. In the past, we have the expertise to relocate factories to or from Germany. Our commercial Umzug services are suitable if you want to move across Europe.

Get Highly Specialised Commercial Relocation Services from us

At Junker, we have deep expertise in conducting any type of specialised relocation. Our dedicated team of movers hasunparalleled skills and processes to provide you with complete control over the move. We have been able to cement our brand’s name in Germany because of our commitment to quality. Here are some of the highly specialised commercial relocation services offered by our Umzug Berlin firm.

Moving Fully-Equipped Labs

It is pretty wellknown that relocating a lab along with its equipment and chemicals can be challenging. It typically brings logistical challenges. At Junker, we have the skills and experience to relocate your lab to or from Germany. We are also your one-stop option for relocating your lab across Europe. Our team is skilled in disassembling, relocating, and setting up labs with utmost precision.

Get Support with Industrial Relocation Services

We are the most preferred moving agency in Germany to assist you in relocating industrial goods. What sets our moving agency apart is our attention to detail. Our commercial Umzüge Berlin firm leveragesprofessional pack and prep teams. We also use custom crates to store your high-value items. With our comprehensive experience, we can deliver a smooth relocation service.

Hospitality Relocation Made Simpler with Junker

Junker is a versatile relocation company. That’s why we offer relocation services to companies belonging to the hospitality domain. Our specially trained hospitality relocation team will work with you to design and develop the required plan of action. We are adept at cross-checking inventory with purchase orders.

Moving Services for the Construction Industry

Irrespective of your location in Germany, we can help you relocate your construction company. Junker liaises with prominent construction agencies to plan their relocation. If your construction agency wants to relocate to or Berlin, rely on our Umzug Berlin firm.

Relocation Services Designed for Schools and Universities

Schools and universities typically find it tough to relocate seamlessly. But at Junker, we can be your most preferred moving agency. From data centres to dorm equipment, we have the skills to plan your relocation. University student movers like Junker are here to make your relocation seamless and painless.

Our dedicated crew members will help your team move the personal belongings of students. Moreover, our expert school and library Umzug experts will offer detailed logistics planning with budget control. You will also receive feasible planning for storing, delivering, and installing furniture items.

Junker Manages your Museum RelocationsEffectively

Being the top moving agency in Berlin, we effectively manage your priceless antiques and collections with respect and care. Are you looking forward to moving your invaluable range of antiques and paintings to or from Germany?

At Junker, we have been providingmuseum and fine arts relocation services with dedication and expertise. What sets us apart is our ability to customise your move. We are the top Umzüge Berlin organisation and have transported priceless pieces of art and sculpture in the past.

Our professional movers are always ready to leverage skills and experience to work for your museum or exhibition relocation. We are fully aware that moving antiques can be a tough challenge. We follow the below-mentioned guidelines to help you relocate your antiques.

  • Our certified moving teams are trained in customised methods for crating, packing, and unpacking
  • We use climate-controlled vans to ensure the safe transportation of your antiques
  • Air ride integrated trucks to decrease bumps and shocks
  • Dedicated relocation manager to supervise the relocation of items

Furthermore, we have dedicated facilities for storing your priceless sculptures and antiques. Our secure warehouse storage allows us to keep your goods in pristine condition. And if you want to get the items delivered, we will do it in an instant.

Junker, the top Umzug Berlin agency, treats your priceless artefacts with respect and care. If you have any type of exhibition on your radar, we can help. Therefore, when you are shifting your irreplaceable exhibits, rely on us.

Boost the morale of your Employees with our All-Inclusive Corporate Relocation Services

A positive corporate relocation experience reflects the professionalism of your company. You can always expect to gain brownie points by investing in our corporate relocation services. When planned and implemented correctly, corporate relocation can boost employee morale.

Junker is a premier corporate relocation agency. We have years of experience in streamlining the corporate relocations of our revered clients in Germany and across Europe. We are popular because of our ability to adhere to client satisfaction principles.

Our corporate Umzüge Berlin company thoroughly assesses your requirements. We take the time to research your company and its ethics. Based on your company’s mission and vision, we will design a highly customised corporate relocation strategy that suits your company.

The employees of your organisation are its most significant assets. Therefore, during corporate relocation, we value your employees with utmost significance. At Junker, you can consult with a dedicated team of corporate removal experts.

What should you know about our Corporate Relocation Services?

Junker is your one-stop solution for corporate relocations. We are the premier corporate Umzug Berlin agencybecause of our tailored approach. Our process comprisescoordinating the corporate move with your workers in a stress-free manner.

During the initial consultation, we will ask important questions to your employees to understand their needs. Moreover, we have unmatched efficiency in packing and unpacking items with precision. The actual relocation of employees is the final step of our corporate moving procedure. As the top corporate Umzüge Berlin firm, we always stay committed to our promises.

From packing and unpacking to storage and technology, we provide the best relocation services. It is pretty standard for professionals and business owners to find it challenging to invest time. And if that’s the case, our Umzug Berlin agency can assist you.

You can also rely on us for long-distance and cross-country commercial moves. What matters to us most is the satisfaction of our clients. To learn how we can tailor your next relocation, contact us. Our Umzüge Berlin company will offer you a no-obligation quote.