Environmentally friendly
move with excellent eco-balance

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  • Junker box with 100 compartment use. Junker box with 100 compartment use.
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Environmentally friendly
move with excellent eco-balance.

Whether it’s a private move or logistical tasks in a commercial business – our customers are increasingly concerned about the environmental balance of their move. Wherever you are moving to: The Junker moving company from Berlin is an experienced experienced service provider that also focuses on active environmental protection and real sustainability when moving, from packaging materials to transport. In our daily work we try to avoid plastic and our digitalized office is now paperless.

Plan your environmentally conscious move together with us moving professionals so that you and nature benefit in the end. Our expert movers will not only take a lot of the work off your hands and save you stress and hassle, but they will but also let you move in an environmentally conscious way and with a clear conscience.

How to make your move environmentally friendly: from packaging materials to disposal

Cartons in
deposit system

We offer a sustainable cardboard deposit system for moving boxes. Instead of buying cheap moving boxes yourself and disposing of them after the move, you can simply rent sturdy and durable moving boxes from the Junker moving company for your for your move. Our moving boxes can withstand many moves and can be used by more customers. This way, hundreds of thousands of cardboard boxes are reused multiple times and paper waste is saved.

Junker Box

Junker Box is an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution for transportation, storage and warehousing. We supply our sturdy storage boxes made of polypropylene, which can be used as both moving and storage boxes. storage boxes. Our service is not only practical, but also sustainable. Junker Box can be used a hundred times. Unnecessary waste caused by broken moving boxes is saved and valuable resources are conserved.


As an environmentally conscious moving company in Berlin, we also take care of your old waste. Whether old mattresses, broken cupboards, soiled carpets or other bulky waste. We will organize the professional and sustainable disposal of your and will be happy to advise you.

Environmentally friendly transport and modern vehicle fleet

Transport is a burden on the environment, but it is indispensable for moving goods of all kinds from point A to point B. When it comes to transport, we want to conserve resources as much as possible and make use of all the technological possibilities that the the market currently offers. With the following measures we reduce the burden on the environment on our way towards emission-free relocation:

Use of low-emission transport vehicles with the highest possible EURO standard through regular renewal of our fleet.

Avoidance of empty runs through efficient route management and best possible capacity utilization.

Training our drivers in economical and sustainable driving practices.

Equipping our employees with electric cars for trips around the city (plug-in hybrid and electric cars).