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Relocate to and from Berlin Reinickendorf with Junker

We are the Best Moving Company in Reinickendorf

Relocating to any new city, country, or locality can be chaotic. And things can become complicated soon if you don’t have prior experience of moving. Therefore, an increasing number of families and business owners are selecting relocation services to move seamlessly between cities and countries.

At Junker, we are proud to offer you an array of moving services to and from Berlin Reinickendorf. With us, your overall relocation experience will be smooth and hassle-free. We have the experience and expertise to conduct your relocation in the most stress-free manner.

You will enjoy the peace of settling into your new home with our professional and customised services. We are a family-run relocation agency and possess the experience of moving our clients to international addresses.

For instance, you can rely on our specialised services to relocate across Europe to countries like Spain, Portugal, Norway, etc. At Junker, we are a firm believer in upholding our core business values. That’s why you will never encounter an upsurge in price while relocating.

Our in-house team of moving experts strictly adheres to fair price estimates. Learn more about our versatility by consulting with us at the earliest. We will always be happy to sort your queries.

We Provide Versatile Relocation Services to Help you Settle into your New Home

Our primary objective is to achieve 100% client satisfaction. We offer no hidden fees, which makes us the top relocation company in Germany. Even if you add extra baggage or furniture items, we will be able to offer accurate quotes.

With us, there is no limit to the number of boxes you want to relocate. Our moving vans can haul your belongings safely. At Junker, we are all about versatility. We believe in exceeding our customers’ expectations with customised services. Here is the list of our versatile services you should know.

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    Selling, renting and repurchasing the goods to be moved
  • list-dot-red
    Relocating residences
  • list-dot-red
    Assisting small and large-scale companies to relocate
  • list-dot-red
    Customised packing and unpacking services
  • list-dot-red
    Resolutions related to the basement and the apartment
  • list-dot-red
    Disposal of bulky wastes, scrap metals, and garbage
  • list-dot-red
    Moving commercial-grade goods
  • list-dot-red
    Facilitating private removals to and from Reinickendorf
  • list-dot-red
    Submitting the receipts of the job centre, social employer office, and the employer
  • list-dot-red
    Safely transporting belongings across Europe and to other European nations
  • list-dot-red
    Establishing no parking zones
  • list-dot-red
    Relocating cargo
  • list-dot-red
    Assembling and dissembling furniture items
  • list-dot-red
    Moving vintage antiques and musical instruments
  • list-dot-red
    Conducting long-distance relocations
  • list-dot-red
    Conducting long-distance moves
  • list-dot-red
    Transporting heavy items like furniture without elevators
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    We can help you move in at weekends without charging additional fees

Our Moving Services and Solutions are Suitable for Busy Professionals


It is pretty natural for you to want to relocate to Berlin Reinickendorf as quickly as possible. However, relocating quickly relies a great deal on meticulous planning. At times, it is not that easier to move between two cities and countries faster.

Things can quickly become complicated if you are in the charge of relocation. You have to dedicate your time from work to plan packing, loading, and unloading goods. For busy professionals, it is not always easy to manage a move.

Therefore, we offer a wide variety of services that aim to take stress off your shoulders. Being a trustworthy moving agency, we not only relocate your items from one point to the other. We are your one-stop solution for planning and organising your move.

And if you want to move in the shortest timeframe, we can help. We have a team of dedicated and experienced relocation experts. We are always happy to comply with your ever-evolving demands during the shifting process.

Our relocation experts are fully aware that no two relocations can ever be the same. The relocation requirements vary based on different parameters. So, if you want to relocate quickly to or from Berlin Reinickendorf, we have you covered.

From unloading the van to establishing no parking zones, you can count on our professionalism. We also offer storage solutions while you are busy setting up your new home in Berlin Reinickendorf. Take care of the other things in peace while we work behind the scenes to transport your belongings safely.

How can you Benefit by Hiring our Relocation Experts?

At Junker, we make your relocation stress-free and simple. We believe that relocation shouldn’t have to be complicated. If you are looking for a professional moving agency, you have come to the right place. To learn relevant details about our relocation services, consult with us at the earliest.

Why should you Appoint Junker to Relocate to Berlin Reinickendorf?

For years, we have been helping families and business owners to relocate to and from Berlin Reinickendorf with ease. What sets us apart is our ability to comply with the demands of clients. At Junker, we believe that every client has their own unique requirements.

Staying on top of these requirements is the best way to impress them. By relocating with us, you can not only save a great deal of time, money, and effort. You can relocate to Berlin Reinickendorf in the shortest possible timeframe.

Our professional relocation experts would be happy to advise you on a wide variety of relocation tasks. Whether you are moving nationally or internationally, we will always be to partner with you. Being a client-centric company, we are always available to answer the queries of our esteemed clients.

Through our specialised relocation services, your goods will have the security they deserve. We also offer free transport insurance to our clients. The main objective of free transport insurance is to secure your items from all possible damages.

Furthermore, you can also invest in our intelligent storage solutions. While you are setting up your new home, we can store your goods securely in our secure warehouses. Learn more about our relocation services by consulting with us at the earliest.

What are the Total Costs Involved in Moving to and from Berlin Reinickendorf?


Before hiring a relocation agency, it is pretty common for you to inquire about the total costs. Moreover, most people nowadays look for relevant cashback offers and discounts before hiring a relocation agency. At Junker, we are fully aware of the latest expectations of our customers.

Usually, we keep our customers in the loop while relocating and inform them in case of delays. Being a professional relocating agency, we have a range of preparatory steps. We dismantle your furniture and carefully pack your belongings in the right boxes.

That’s why you will always find attractive deals and offers while selecting our services. Furthermore, you can always rely on our no-obligation estimates to get clear insights into the prices. To get quotes tailored to your preferences, you can use our practical contact forms. We will process the request of our clients swiftly.