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Junker- The Best Relocation Agency that Cares for your Belongings

Do you want to relocate to Berlin Tempelhof and are searching for a reliable and professional moving company? Any type of relocation can come with several kinds of surprises. And at Junker, we work hard behind the scenes to make your relocation hassle-free and simple.

Our expert relocation specialists will work with you every step of the move to make it stress-free. Relocation comprises various responsibilities that can weigh you down. Furthermore, you have to plan the move accurately to avoid underlying issues.

Planning a relocation of any size appropriately is not always possible as you have other things to do. Conducting a move without outside help is almost impossible. Therefore, we make sure that our versatile services can help you move without any type of hassle.

At Junker, we are experienced in moving our clients to all parts of Germany and Europe. Our nationwide presence allows us to offer customised and value-packed services. Whether you require a little assistance or a lot, Junker provides each of our clients the flexibility to select the level of assistance.

We can tailor your relocation based on your budget and preferences. We assign personal move coordinators so that your relocation experiences fewer roadblocks.

Relocating to Tempelhof made Simpler with Junker

When you handle a relocation to Tempelhof, you’ve to incur a large number of costs. For instance, you have to rent a truck and pay for the bills, and other expenses on the road. However, with a professional relocation from Junker, there is no need to pay for all these expenses.

And being a family-run relocation agency, we strongly adhere to our values. Therefore, relocating to or from Tempelhof is secured with us. Here are some of the versatile services we offer to make your relocation experience stress-free.

  • list-dot-red
    Relocating residences
  • list-dot-red
    Disposal of bulky wastes, scrap metals, and garbage
  • list-dot-red
    Resolutions related to the basement and the apartment
  • list-dot-red
    Relocating cargo
  • list-dot-red
    Safely transporting belongings across Europe and to other European nations
  • list-dot-red
    Moving commercial-grade goods
  • list-dot-red
    Establishing no parking zones
  • list-dot-red
    Customised packing and unpacking services
  • list-dot-red
    Facilitating private removals to and from Reinickendorf
  • list-dot-red
    Submitting the receipts of the job centre, social employer office, and the employer
  • list-dot-red
    Conducting long-distance moves
  • list-dot-red
    Moving vintage antiques and musical instruments
  • list-dot-red
    Assembling and dissembling furniture items
  • list-dot-red
    Transporting heavy items like furniture without elevators
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    Assisting small and large-scale companies to relocate

With the help of these versatile relocation services, we make every relocation simpler for our clients. To learn more about our specialisation in relocating residences and commercial places, talk to us.


Get Complete Peace of Mind while Relocating to Berlin Tempelhof with Junker

With Junker, relocating to any part of Europe is not an issue anymore. We have a team of experienced and professional movers to assist you in any stage of relocation. Our transparent approach makes your relocation stress-free and rewarding.

If any of your goods are damaged or lost, it is our responsibility to make it right.You will always find us encouraging and asking you to be involved in the moving process. This is because you decide to relocate to or from Tempelhof.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and a range of relocation services are the primary reasons behind our popularity. We accomplish your relocation tasks with predictable pricing. In this manner, you won’t have a ballpark quote that offers you unpleasant surprises.

Furthermore, we customise every aspect of your relocation so that you get the best services. We firmly believe that informed clients make for a less stressful relocation. That’s why we are always eager to help you stay informed.

Irrespective of the place you’re moving to, trust our expert team to do the heavy lifting. We have trained and background-checked team members who can make your relocation to Tempelhof worth cherishing. At Junker, we are always attentive and responsive to sort out the queries of our users. Reach out to us with your move-related questions, and we would be happy to answer them.

Are you Planning to Relocate to Tempelhof? Hire us at the Earliest

It is normal for you to be worried about the costs of relocating to or from Berlin Tempelhof. At Junker, we ensure that every client of ours has access to transparent packages. Moreover, we provide that our moving agency offers all types of services to make your relocation stress-free.

When you are making the transition from one home to another, you may need storage solutions. For instance, if your new home is not set up properly, you may need storage solutions. Irrespective of the reason, we offer storage options for our esteemed clients.

We have a wide network of secured warehouses across Germany. These warehouses can store a large number of your expensive belongings. You can store valuable paintings, vintage antiques, etc., in these warehouses.

We offer a wide range of services that you can customise based on your preferences. Our removal team is an integral part of our success. Each employee working in Junker is dedicated to making your relocation go smoothly.

We emphasise heavily on training our employees with the latest developments in relocation. Trusting Junker implies you get a specially tailored solution with options that comply with your requirements.To ensure that your relocation experience is stress-free, we are always available for assistance. Consult with us at your earliest to learn more.

What are the Benefits of Selecting our Services for Relocating to Tempelhof?

Being a family-run and experienced moving agency, our main aim is to make the relocation simple and stress-free. We take care of your relocation from start to finish so that there are no underlying issues. Besides packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading, you will get assistance from us in varied matters.

For instance, we can help establish no parking zones and store your furniture. We are a client-centric agency and offer all these services at affordable prices. If you are relocating to or from Tempelhof, reach out to us. We will try to customise the relocation based on your ideas and suggestions.

What is the Total Cost of Relocating to or from Berlin Tempelhof?


Now two relocations can never be the same. Therefore, the cost of relocation varies from one individual to another. The total cost of relocation depends on numerous factors such as:

  • The total number of items you want to move

  • The position of the elevator

  • The type of moving supplies you need

  • The overall distance of your relocation

  • The total number of moving experts required to conduct the relocation

To get more details about the cost of relocation, seek an appointment with us. We offer no-obligation estimates that will let you stay within the budget.